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Custom vs WordPress Website Design

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Custom vs WordPress Website Design



‘Custom vs WordPress website’ is not what most business owners know or care about.  Most business owners don’t know and don’t need to know the technical difference between these two.  As a business owner, your only focus is to kick-start work on that business website that brings in new traffic, new leads and more revenue. You likely know, whether you want a Website design company to design your website or a lone-wolf freelancer.  No matter which format you choose, you will have to invest time, energy, thoughts and finances in your new business website.


There is no right or wrong answer about choosing custom website vs WordPress website design for your business. Every business needs a website that brings in more visitors and converts them into paying customers.  So, website needs to be built and designed accordingly. Just ask yourself the most direct questions pertaining to your requirements and budget before deciding between Custom website vs WordPress website design for your business. Based on the answers to both the questions, determine which direction your website takes.  Website design cost, website development time and website that fulfill their business’s goals are most business owner’s biggest concerns.  If you’re just curious about how much will your project cost, feel free to use this Website Quote Calculator tool we made for you.

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Template WordPress Website Design



The fastest and easiest way to set up a website is to start a WordPress page and apply any basic template that’s either available for free or buy it from any domain provider. There’s a range of WordPress templates available for anyone with the means to pay for them so there will be many individuals who might have a similarly designed website. You get a number of options to choose from with regards to color schemes, fonts and formats. The only caveat is that not all the designs will respond all the time. Certain WordPress portals will warrant you the choice of editing your website frames. The biggest advantage of WordPress is that it’s not that expensive and it’s very easy to set a website. The other great advantage of a WordPress website design is that this website will be up and running in no time.


Flip any coin and it will have two sides. The existing features by WordPress templates will obviously provide functionality, but because all the features will load simultaneously.  Your website may slow down in terms of loading speed. On account of slower loading speed, your Search Engine Optimization will possibly take a hit. That will reduce your visibility to all the organic traffic that ideally you want on your pages. As WordPress website is a template, you’ll need to add extra necessary features that are not part of the package, and yet very relevant.  That will increase your website’s loading time. Consequently, some default functions, designs and aesthetic will be very different from your ideal vision of the website but you won’t be able to remove them as they are a part of the code base from the template.



To summarize the WordPress specifications:


  • The same WordPress template is available on the free market.  So your website won’t be as unique as you want it to be. Many other businesses may have the template.
  • The templates are with very narrow scopes of customization and editing. You will get exactly what you paid for; nothing more.
  • Each template is pre-designed to have the most basic functionality.  These are what makes them too ordinary to be noticed during a Search engine’s SEO crawl. You will have to specially add your business-friendly features to give that extra edge.
  • With WordPress design, there is not much scope of customization.  It won’t install well unless you hire WordPress development experts.
  • WordPress websites are usually cheaper than custom website.
  • Expert developers can create custom plugins for one or two custom functionalities your business needs, and this may still be the best option.
  • WordPress websites support depends on the developers of that theme.
  • If you need something very quick and cheap without much customization, WordPress is your best choice.

Custom Built Website Design


If your business needs unique features and functionalities, then custom website design is your best choice.  Website development agencies, who employ team of designers, developers, testers and project managers can build custom coded websites. Their services start once you book them and lead into your first creative consultation.  Where they’ll attempt to understand the key elements of your under-construction website and business. They will also keep a tab on your aesthetic choices along with keeping your key demographic in mind while setting the foundation for your website. They’ll help you balance your expectations.



The biggest advantage offered by Custom website design company is that your website is built from scratch, unique and clearly representing your brand. Search Engine Optimization is very important to enhance your website’s business goals. Each custom website is far superior because it is as per the rules set up by the web industry. Even with an SEO perspective, a website will need to have certain attributes.  A custom developer will, therefore, optimize your website at the creation phase. These websites, once active for a while, will rank higher on the SEO list increasing its visibility and by extension, its business. Unlike a template website, a custom website will extend beyond the keyword research. Custom websites will have all the custom features your business need.  It does not depend on any template or pre-existing plugin library.


Custom websites take time and cost more, but provides exceptional returns.


Obviously, a lot of services and options are custom only for your website, so it will cost you a pretty penny. All these features will also take a while as developers need to create them, test them, implement them and then run. The time and money will be worth it though as your entire website will be built from the ground up and will be designed exactly as per your business requirements.


A point of note is that holistically speaking, you save time as you don’t have to partake in WordPress trial and error. Your website is built for your business and so it is customized to operate as per your specific requirements. The other advantage that customization provides is that your website will be compatible with all the platforms, browsers and devices that you choose to launch on.

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To summarize Custom specifications


  • Each custom website will have an unique design which will take into account every one of your branding and business goals. It will also be curated as per the niche you are attempting to conquer.
  • A custom website is easier to change and edit as your business needs.
  • Custom website designs are easier to make compatible with multiple devices and browsers.
  • The content, the tabs and the options on your custom website will be built as per the latest standards of SEO.
  • All the custom designing, programming and services cost money so it is expensive.  It’s more of an investment than an expense.
  • The customization and the testing of the custom website development will take a while to go through as the process is long in itself.  Then based on your inputs more changes will be implemented at every stage.
  • Websites ideally grow as your business grows. With more business coming in, your website needs regular updates to handle more traffic and to provide more diversification of content, services and settings as your business grows. A website developer who will customize and install newer factors to your website will be beneficial for your business in the long run.
  • To customize your website, you can hire a company and the company will provide a return on investment with 24×7 support if you were to ever need it.


WordPress is cheap and quick.  It can also be customized to add features to make hybrid website.



You have made many decisions. The WordPress Website Design VS Custom Website Design decision is no different. It is best to discuss all possible options with your website design professional during initial meeting.  He or she should be able to explain pros and cons for both options for your specific project. Honestly, both options are good in their own merit.  The right choice will depend on your specifications and business requirements.



Customization is slightly less common, expensive and time-consuming but it offers many unique options.  It offers expertly curated websites built by a team, which will build an extremely efficient website that loads quickly and has a high SEO rank.  We hope that above explanation answers your question about Custom website vs WordPress website.  If you still have any questions, feel free to get in touch with us.



So the questions that you should really ask yourself to decide between Custom website vs WordPress website design are…



Are you planning on spending a lot of time working out your website or just leave it to the experts? In this case get opinion from expert.



Should your website look like everyone else in your industry or do you want something unique?



Do you need to improve your website’s presence immediately or do you want to give it some time?



Are there any custom digital functionalities that your business need or you need brochure type website for your business?



After answering few questions and discussing with professional.  The choice should be very transparent between Custom website vs WordPress website for your business!  Get in touch with us and let’s discuss your business and see if we can help you bring more web traffic, more leads and more revenue!!