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In 2018, online sales of physical goods amounted to 504.6 billion US dollars and are projected to surpass 735 billion US dollars in 2023 based on Statista market report.  There is no denying that online shopping is here to stay and grow.  An E-commerce website is shopping brought on the tip of one’s fingertips by making shopping a click and pay deal, no matter what one needs to buy. Partnering with correct eCommerce website design company is must for any online business.  For any ecommerce business, the website is your most important tool. Professional eCommerce website design company will help you design a robust website that becomes a selling machine, overnight, for it to be successful.

Must Consider Things Before Designing Your eCommerce Website




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Start with Branding: 


Buy a dedicated domain space for your website and name it appropriately so as to make it seem approachable. Choose a name that recognizes your brand and associate a dedicated email address as well as a contact line so that customers can approach and contact you. Proper logos like your default logo and Trustmark plus payment logos should be visible everywhere.  Think about many brands that you can just recognize by looking at their logos and colors.  Branding provides trust when placing online order, so this is very essential step in any eCommerce website design.

Types of eCommerce website design platforms

Choose right platform


Do the proper research and don’t skimp on the investment while choosing the right platform.  You have number of options from building a store on wordpress, joomla, magento, and much more to building fully custom online store.  See difference between wordpress vs custom website design.  There is no right or wrong answer here as each business has unique requirements.


As an online entrepreneur, you’ll need to create a functional, stylish and safe website which keeps providing more options as the days go by. Pay for unlimited bandwidth if you can from the get-go. An easily customized website with email marketing integration and proper content blocks will set you back a several grand but a customized website will be worth it. Also, arrange for social media and application-based integration to facilitate business automation.

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Partnering with correct eCommerce website design companyPartner with correct eCommerce website design company


This is one of the most crucial step in designing your ecommerce website.  You need to partner with correct eCommerce website design company who is expert and experienced.  Hire freelancers or hire a dedicated website Design company to build your online store. Choosing the perfect theme will also be very important. Add as many properly catalogued pages, products, posts, images and informational texts as you can. Aim at making your customers feel comfortable while they are purchasing from you.


Interview multiple eCommerce website design companies and ask them following:


  • What kind of experience does this ecommerce website design company has?
  • How do you structure multiple products in different categories?
  • How will customers find the products I have for sale?
  • Can you provide references from your current customers about their experience with your ecommerce website design company?
  • How much does it cost to build an ecommerce website?
  • Why should we choose you over another ecommerce website design company?


You are partnering with eCommerce website design company for a long time so make sure you get satisfactory answers before starting your project.  We provide free consultation for eCommerce website design; get in touch with us if you have any questions.  If you are just curious about cost of your project, feel free to use our website cost calculator tool.

Payment and security flow by ecommerce website design company

Payment and security


Acquire the required licenses and set up payment gateways. To receive payments for all the goods you supply, a third party payment module will have to act as the go between you and your customer’s banks. Also, integrate your website with an SSL certification. Try and enable payments via financial transaction services like PayPal or Stripe.

types of taxes on ecommerce website businessShipping options, taxes and order management


For shipping, make all the Shipping Options transparent and visible by setting up a store statistic based on the area, quantity and amount of purchase. Set proper pricing charts and display them along with allowing a display of live shipping rates via organizations like UPS, FedEx, etc. Enable proper discount and promotion management. Get your payment orders, types and plans in place. Manage and PayPal account settings efficiently. Include Offline Payment option in the payment settings if needed.


Get your country and state taxation code list properly factored in via percentage. An email server field which has a server name, server port, username & password information, SSL certification and an email address storing log is also very essential. Also maintain all the logins, names, emails and passwords of all your users.

inventory management for ecommerce website
Inventory management


Add as many Products as you can and make them available in different colors, sizes, finishes if possible. Add proper descriptions to every product and always display the set prices and the quantities available for sale. Upload preview photographs and/or videos about the front-top-side-bottom views of each product. Enable the range-of-delivery and pricing options. Spend as much time as you can to get these things right.

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traffic channels for ecommerce websiteSeamless checkout experience


Beta-Test your website specifically for Checkout and the payment process. Every device and browser operates differently due to a number of technical reasons. Your website will behave differently on different platforms, devices and browsers. The checkout procedure, in particular, is noted to be one of the biggest deal-breakers for online shoppers. It can either be shipping charges or bounced payments or delayed loading pages. You should try to be clear about shipping information and costs and if you can, provide free shipping.

ecommerce website analysis and marketing

Analytics and online marketing 


Hire a Digital Marketing firm or learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Analytics and track both meticulously alongside making the proper tweaks to enhance both. A custom domain will boost your SEO.  Google analytics is one of the most important tools in your weapon’s arsenal to track your website’s performance and marketing success.  So make sure your website design company has implemented Google Analytics properly. Your product page URL and SEO elements need to be curated properly.


Manage your content properly by providing Dynamic Titles that you tag efficiently and structurally. Inlay your titles with META tags for all the brands, product pages, categories and sub-categories. Provide all the Meta Information and URL information for all the pages on your website. For certain products, a video will give that added boost so attach and embed YouTube videos to all the relevant products.

gaining more revenue via ecommerce website


Get reviews and go social – Gain new customers


Based on Statista market research, the average revenue per user (ARPU) in the eCommerce market amounts to US$539.90 in 2019 and it is predicted to grow for upcoming years.   Gaining each new customer is vital part of any ecommerce business model.  You need to go where customers are.  Start social media integration by linking your website with popular ad-enabled platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, LinkedIn, etc. to invite more audience to view and purchase your products. Make social media sharing a single click process.


If you can, collaborate with and/or generate discount drives and coupons to drive your product sales. Email customers to turn them into returning, then loyal customers. Have a blog that contains interesting articles and a specially curated FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions section.

communicating with your customers

Communicate and support your customers


Have stellar content management and promotion team, a response management team, a marketing team and a website maintenance team in place. Also, ensure that your platform has a lot of room to expand in the future. Have a regular email mailer going out to your entire customer base weekly or daily. Don’t forget to send out status emails to all the customers that have products in transit. Message all your customers via email thanking them for their purchase, review and/or comment.

Maintain and update regularly


Catalogue and categorize everything meticulously for your customers to easily navigate through your platform. Display all the featured and active categories on your landing page. Always manage all the thumbnails properly. Never forget to manage and display your branding information as well. Manage all the elements of your website by having a ‘Search and sort’ option.


Also have reviews enabled and displayed in moderation. Have CMS features or Content Management Services features to maintain all this data for you. Display “active”, “inactive”, “available”, “unavailable”, “in stock”, “out of stock” in all the relevant places. Provide summaries for all the blogs and descriptions for all the products. You need to have Homepage Banners that need to be managed as per the customer trends. To maintain your site navigation, include headers, sides and footers. A drop-down list containing different modules of categorizing on the landing page at the very bottom will make it easy on the customers.


Consumers love E-commerce websites because they offer choice, convenience, rewards, loyalty programs, all device accessibility and quick delivery. Your website needs to be a conduit of that consumer experience.  If you have any more questions about building an eCommerce website or like to talk to expert, feel free to get in touch with us.