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We are a leading Charlotte based custom website design and development company. We help small to medium businesses grow digitally, engage with their customers, generate new leads and improve their branding in local markets. We always focus on adding value to your business and help you achieve your business goals.  Explore our website design, custom web development, eCommerce website, and mobile application development services.

Website design


Our highly creative and well-equipped team is capable of building a very dynamic and attractive website. First impressions are everything. Websites are a window to the soul of a business. We make sure that the first impression of the customer is great by developing a highly interactive and effective website. We develop a customized websites right from discovery, definition, design, development and deployment. The Types of web applications we develop are:


  • Customized website design for local businesses
  • Franchise website design
  • B2B Portal
  • Web application for start-ups
  • Intranet web based software


We develop an interactive website with clear user flow and navigation integrated with great visual communication to lead the user in the right direction.

User Centered Website Design Diagram
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UI UX role in website design


UI means user interface, which is a combination of all the visual elements put together in a series of interactive web pages and screens. UX refers to the user experience, which is what a user experiences when he/she interacts with the website’s design and its elements. A good UI interface is pleasing to the senses and will make a person want to keep visiting the website. It has a great content architecture, color, design, and visual elements which makes the user’s purpose to visit the site worth their time and turns them from a mere visitor to a valuable customer.


We build a meaningful and intuitive UI interface which is the face of the business and gives a gist of the business to its customers. The UI/UX has attractive, interactive and engaging elements which drive the users to become potential customers.



Responsive Website Design


Responsive web design is a way of web designing which makes your website respond on different devices across a number of platforms. A responsive website works the same way on desktops, laptops, tablets irrespective of the device or screen size. An effective website works seamlessly across all platforms providing the same user experience, both visually and functionally.


Smartphones and tablets have become our go-to devices when you can’t have access to laptops or desktops on the go. Hence it is important to design a robust, interactive, functional and visually appealing website with the mobile-first design approach to accommodate customers constantly on the move.



Website design and web app development


Web development means creating a web page for the business that has unique features and functionalities. This web page can be for desktop, mobiles or laptops and can work on the internet or the intranet. Web development can be used to build a static web page or a dynamic interactive web page which paves a path for the user and leads the user to his/her answers. We have a team of highly capable web developers who have the knack of creating websites for any kind of business ranging from E-commerce to educative portals. Our web pages are user-friendly and highly interactive and have a proven potential to hold the attention of the user thereby improving the conversion rates.



Analyzing website design goals


Insights and analytics mean using the available data to measure the performance and success of your company’s website. It is a way of playing with numbers to gauge your website’s performance.  A lot of numbers come into play, such as a number of site visitors, average time spent on each page, exit numbers, social engagement level, rate of click and conversion help gain insights into the website’s performance and points out the areas which require improvement.


We use Google Analytics, SEO Optimizations, and Testing to check website’s performance from the beginning to the end. Then, analyze valuable feedbacks and insights to increase its performance through multiple channels.



Analyzing website and researching new opportunityBefore embarking on a new journey, in our case a new project it is imperative to know what the journey holds. It is necessary to understand each product by conducting a thorough brand immersion exercise. It is important to sit with the company’s think-tank and understand its mission, goals and initiatives. We also analyze the challenges and opportunities lying ahead and plan on how we address it.


We work out on how to make the website more visually appealing to the users and on establishing a brand identity.
During the research and discovery phase, we sit with our clients and engage in complete brainstorming to come to a productive conclusion.

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Analyzing competitions website design


Competitive Analysis involves identifying fellow competitors in the same line of business and how different you are from the rest of them. We help you analyze their current position in the market, their business strategies and what you can do to get an edge over them.


We use the latest technologies and data science. It will help you garner more customers, and outperform your competitors with comparatively less price and even lesser time.


We have a client kick-off meeting following which a complete and exhaustive research is done to ensure that the technology and design are implemented to optimize the company’s business goals. We help in building a brand value for your company and help you identify your strengths and weakness to catapult to the top of the market.



Website Content Management System Flowchart


In this day and age, content is the king. The content management system allows modification and creation of content for your website. A company’s website supports multi-user functionality so that different users from different teams will be able to edit and update content regularly. The content management solutions offered by us are highly secure, latest and easy to use.


It is important that the website’s content management solution is intuitive with good organization. Our solution helps you keep up with the latest content and trends in the world and allows real-time content modifications too. It allows embedding links, texts, images, videos and other dynamic content according to business and website needs.



Content Strategy for website design


What a website content eventually does is to communicate to the user about your company, what it does and its agenda. Every text, picture, video and link in your website will speak volumes about the business you do. Our content strategy involves putting together all the visual and non-visual pieces of content together.  It tells a captivating and engaging story and marketing your brand to garner more visitors and eventually turn them into invaluable customers.


We just don’t jump into the solution blindly. We perform an in-depth analysis of your current content, note down its positives and shortcomings and identify solutions to overcome those shortcomings and build a better brand and market for you.

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Essential Items for any website design


In this digital world, it takes around 15 seconds for a visitor to judge your website and decide if they want to browser it further or lose interest and leave. So having a right website design is very vital for any business in this digital age. We, as leading Charlotte website design company have compiled a list of essential items each business should keep in mind before designing a website.

People-Centric Website Design Approach:


The key to a great website design is knowing your visitors well and serving them the exact ingredients they want on their platter when they visit your website. Your website should be designed keeping in mind the taste of your customers.


Everyone likes attention and the feeling of being important. In this era of ever-upgrading technology, you will be greeted with changes in website design trends almost on daily basis. But one thing that must be kept in mind is serving your customers in the best possible way apart from keeping up with the new technologies. There’s no use of updating your design to inculcate the changing trends when your consumers are not able to adapt to it and find it difficult to cope with the changes. Make sure you make the changes smartly and subtly.


Advantages of taking a people-centric approach for your business website design:


  • Your customers feel that they have a voice if you focus on what they like the best on your website.
  • Customer-centric website design ensures that their questions are answered faster and effectively.
  • This makes your customers happy and excited about your business.

Creative Business Website Design


While browsing through any website, what is the most soothing element? The most common answer is attractive visuals. It is proved that 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is through visuals. Given this, it is important to create your website keeping in mind a goal to include attractive Images, Infographics, Videos and Testimonials.


The layout of the elements on your website, the fonts, colors and the navigation elements must be in harmony with your brand. Rather than developing website using templates, it is always wise to customize the website design as per your business needs to make an emotional bond with your customers. If need be, hire a professional website design company and have your website tailor-made to suit your offerings.


Below are the benefits of designing a Creative and Engaging Website for your Business:


  • Enhances Brand Identity through Customized theme that is relevant to your business.
  • An enriched experience of going through your website which, in turn, helps you garner more customers.
  • A theme-based website enables changes easily to adapt to the ongoing designing trends.

Responsive Website Design is the new Buzz


How would you feel if you get a desktop view of a website while browsing on your mobile device? You will quickly leave the website to search other links which provide seamless searching experience!


The number of people browsing websites on smartphones has increased to around 63% in 2018. Hence it is quite evident to build your website in a way to enhance the user-experience over smartphones.


The following are the benefits of designing a responsive website:


  • Ensures more traffic on your website.
  • Lowers the cost of maintenance.
  • Lowers bounce rates.
  • Higher rates of Conversions.
  • Improved SEO, which helps in staying on the top of the competition.
  • Improved mobile browsing experience.

Grab your visitor’s attention on Home Page itself


Your Home Page is your chance to grab the attention of those visiting your website. It becomes necessary to make this page that will be symbolic to your entire Business more attractive visually and in terms of what the users will take back. There is a lot to tell in a short span to grab the attention of your visitors so the details given on the Home Page of your website must be to the point and representing your Business.


Having an attractive Home Page has the following benefits:


  • The chances of landing on the rest of the pages of your website increases by having your visitor’s attention on the home page itself.
  • When your brand’s identity is clearly revealed on the home page, customers get a clear message regarding your services or product. which in turn, enriches user-experience.
  • The chances of sharing your website increases, thereby increasing your web traffic.

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Apt placement of Call-To-Action (CTA)


Call to Action button


You must have a clear checklist of all the things that you want your website visitors to do when they are checking out your site. Make a list of the CTA, the way you want your target audience to engage with your brand.  It can be anything varying from Emails, Phone Number to the Buy Now Button or Free Trial depending on your Business.


Professional website designer knows how to place your contact details apply on all your landing pages to gain the maximum benefit of the traffic on website. A website designer ensures that your phone number and email details are available on the footer of each page or on the sidebars. While designing ecommerce website, actions buttons like Buy or Add to Cart should be easily accessible to the customers who will, in turn, help them to get what they are looking for easily.


Providing options for CTA has their own set of benefits:


  • Resolves the confusion that your customers may have regarding services or buying decisions.
  • Actively engages your customers’ attention towards what you want them to do through clear CTAs.
  • Apart from retaining your existing customers giving clear outlines for the actions to be taken provide an edge to gain new customers.

Impeccable & Quality Content


Content forms the soul of your Website and something that shouldn’t escape your goal of developing an impeccable website. Content Marketing ensures that you reach out to your target audience from the selling point of view and engage actively with them through your website.


70% of consumers like to know the brand they are using through the articles related to products and the services. So make sure that the Content should be smartly written with precise details of your Brand and should be error-free. Don’t hold back to hire a content writer. Because if your customers lose interest, it can incur a huge loss.


The following points prove how effective quality content is when it comes to driving your business;


  • Consistent quality data helps improve your brand image in front of your customers, which helps you to retain them.
  • High-quality content enables you to gain traction on your Social Media thereby establishing your brand value.

Adapting a Storytelling Approach


Storytelling approach for website designOne of the most effective ways to improve your website content is by adapting a storytelling approach. Stories have a superpower of drawing your visitors into what you have to offer. A content in form of Story encourages the emotional corners of your customers and believe it or not, People Love Stories!


Tell your visitors about your business in form of a story on which they can rely and attach to. A conversational approach of generating a content design makes your customers feel more involved into your process.

Benefits of this method:


  • With attractive visuals and a storyline, your customers can relate well with themselves thereby stepping them up in the buying cycle.
  • This approach helps your customers to stay loyal to your brand.
  • Storytelling makes buying journey more enjoyable for customer.
  • Customers want to stay connected and want to become a part of the story.
  • These customers are likely to write reviews and recommend new customers.
  • Positive stories promotes positive and inspirational message about company.
  • Good stories improve social media engagement.

Keeping it Minimal


How many times has it happened that something simple and minimal has grabbed your attention going you gaping at it in awe? Quite often is the right answer, the conclusion being Keep it Minimal!


Keeping your website design minimal allows your visitors to focus on the more important aspects of your website i.e. your Business. Avoiding flashy designs and fonts and focusing on the key components of your brand helps you in more ways than you can imagine.


Benefits of keeping your business website design minimal:


  • Allow you to highlight the key points of your Business.
  • There is no distraction by heavy design elements that spoil the website aesthetics.
  • Makes future maintenance and upgrades easy and cost effective.

Trial and Error


In the end, it is all about trying various strategies and checking if it suits your system. This should always be the most important step in any website design process.  A timely analysis of your website traffic and conversion rates will help you keep an eye on your marketing strategies and design implementations. How well you know your customers decides your success in giving them the exact things they want.


The design strategies finalized by you should be such that it can be easily scaled to include future changes and should work well on all platforms across all devices.


The trial and error method always yields positive results;


  • You can gauge what your customers like the best and what averts them.
  • You can implement new design elements keeping it as per the taste of your visitors.
  • You can focus on why customers are leaving your website and try to solve their questions by improving exit pages.


Now you know what to keep in mind while designing your website to enhance your business opportunities and pitch your target customers. But to ensure that it yields desired results, don’t hesitate to hire website design company who has expertise in fulfilling your business needs. A little investment now can get you a lot of business in future. Get in touch with experienced and creative website designing company that can understand your requirements and design your website that ensures your digital presence.