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Mobile App Development user research data shows, iOS and Android users are combined for almost 99% of mobile application users as of December 2018.  Android leads number of users at 54.2% and iOS users are at 44.8% in USA. So choosing one platform over another platform is no longer an option for businesses. Hiring the best team of app developers can make all the difference.  Specially, when it’s about the user experience that your app offers.



Most small and medium sized businesses can benefit from mobile app development that solves a problem and make their organization more efficient.  However, most business owners know this but don’t know how to start. Mobile app development is certainly a complex process.  It requires technical skills from many specialized professionals to make app successful. It is crucial to find right partner, who can not only write code, but also understand your business.  We are Charlotte based user-focused, data & results driven mobile app development company.  We specialize in iOS, Android and Web app development for start ups, small & medium sized businesses.



Did you know that the use of mobile has exponentially exceeded desktop across a wide range of categories? The emerging trends showcase how mobile technologies have revolutionized the way people do almost everything.  It makes digital transformation a huge opportunity that businesses cannot afford to miss. It might simply be a mobile responsive website – well most of the sites are, but what about apps? A mobile app could be your key to unlock unprecedented engagement levels. However, what utilities, services or tools can your business deliver to become a crucial part of your customer’s everyday life?



There are three main types of mobile app development in 2019.


  1. First is Native Mobile App:  This is build purly for specific type of mobile device in native language. (Example: iOS App development in Objective C or shift programming language or Android App development in Java).
  2. Second is Web Application for Mobile Device:  To simply put it, this is a mobile website designed similar to mobile app that runs on browsers. In this case, we only need to develop your app only once.
  3. Finally third type is Hybrid Mobile App:  Combination of above two. Certain parts of the app are coded in native language.  On the other hand remaining modules are coded as web app.  So for most data driven app, this is often the choice for most businesses.


For most people, above description does not answer their question ‘What type of mobile app does my business needs?’ We have created detailed article that explains pros and cons of native app, hybrid app and web app to help you understand this topic in more detail.  If you have any more questions regarding different types of app development, feel free to get in touch with us for detailed explanation.

Android App Development



Mobile technologies have undergone several changes with time. Today, an app is no longer a choice, but a necessity for every business. Google’s Android dominates the market and accounts for over 54.2% of the smartphone shipments in the USA. In this booming app industry, we, the reputable Android app development company in Charlotte create customized applications for start-ups, enterprise and established brands.


We have an in-depth understanding of the conventions of this platform and its unique requirements. With our services, you get to make the most of a full-stack of developers.  Our developers have impressive command on advanced practices for developing great apps compatible with tablets and smartphones.


Here are the common tools and technologies that we combine to develop a remarkable mobile app for your business:


  • Programming Languages: The innovative and flexible programming languages such as HTML, C++, JAVA, CSS and Kotlin help us in developing apps that offer unmatched UX (User Experience) in both the backend and frontend.
  • Technology: All our Android apps are robust thanks to the Android NDK and the Android SDK (Software Development Kit) that offer impeccable results and that too with perfection.
  • Design: Our Mobile app designers adhere to Mobile Application Material Design guidelines in every app that we develop. This allows us to incorporate responsive animations, grid-based layouts, depth effects, transitions and padding.
  • Database: We rely only on a high-performing database for connecting and storing the crucial user data associated with the Android app.
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iOS App Development


iPhone has revamped the world of mobile computing. Every new version of this phenomenal operating system is a combination of creativity and innovation. Our iOS app development services are tailored to offer the real benefits of iOS in a high fidelity app.


We incorporate cutting-edge technology and tested methodology while keeping the needs and behavior of iOS audience in mind. Our iOS developers have extensive and deep experience with various frameworks, tools and languages.


We keep a close track of the latest announcements that are made by Apple every year in its (WWDC).  It helps us stay up to date with latest trends to build apps with the finest functionalities. This means you can rely on us for achieving futuristic, scalable and secure mobile iOS app solutions.

Mobile App Development


A. Building High ROI Generating Mobile Apps


Irrespective of the platform that you choose for development, we cover a well-defined process of app development which is mentioned below:


B. Strategy for Mobile App Business


We strive to provide the best mobile solutions that not just improve the productivity of your business but at the same time ensure that you utilize the potential resources effectively. Our smart mobile app strategies are based on roadmaps, pragmatic frameworks, funding models, cultural insights and a full-proof plan to make it happen. It’s our fresh and creative thinking that solves even the toughest business problems in no time.


  • Customized app structure based on the needs of the user
  • Coding multiple platforms for a specific app
  • Use of advanced tools and methods to offer a technological edge
  • User-friendly terms and policies for the app development process


D. Mobile App Coding & Programming


Our professional app design team excels in making business logic and data look incredible through visual overlays and interactive experiences. We work collaboratively with our clients to jointly build prototypes and follow them up through a delivery stream with the required incremental enhancement so that the final result is just the way you want it to be.


Every aspect of the mobile app is designed in accordance with the highest industry standards.  Our focus is on:


  • Concept UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience) proposition
  • Deliberation regarding the graphics
  • A raw prototype of the mobile app
  • Finalizing the ultimate wireframe design


D. Mobile App Coding & Programming


Development of an app is an intricate process that demands skills, viability and competence. Since the needs of every mobile app development project may not be same, we adhere to a flexible approach, with stringent controls particularly in place for management, protection and versioning of source code. The main components of our approach are goal oriented and self-organized teams, ease of design & development, adapting as per the current business requirements, forecasting, quick updates & charges, and shorter release time.


Because we don’t just create apps, but as a leading app development company in Charlotte, we implement superior methodologies across different platforms, for structuring high-quality apps that are ought to succeed. Simply put, our services are a perfect medium that transforms incredible concepts into a successful digital business.


Whether you need Android or iOS app development, the key is to have specific elements during the design and development:


  • Simplified Coding
  • Back-End Development
  • Front-End Development
  • Multiple OS Support
  • Solution-Based Approach


Our development framework promotes innovation, adaptive planning, rapid delivery and most importantly constant improvement.


E. QA and Deployment


We liaise directly with our developers, designers and product managers for establishing a correlation between the expected design (as per the goals and objectives of the business), and what has been accomplished. User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is performed throughout every step of development to get approved and 100% glitch free mobile app.


Our experienced professionals conduct testing for:


  • Security
  • Compatibility
  • Software Integration


F. App Store Optimization (ASO) and Project Launch


If you thought that app development is the only toughest phase of building a great app, then think again! Getting your app found amongst a repository of 450,000+ Android and 600,000+ iOS apps is a battle in itself. In order to ace this like a true professional, you’ll certainly need to consider pre-launch & post-launch app store optimization (ASO).


In order to avoid any sort of confusion, we effectively plan our ASO model even before the app enters its development phase. Our team pays special attention to the metadata that influences the natural positioning of your app in Android’s Google Play Store and iOS App Store.


Few things to consider for App Store Optimization (ASO):


  • Name: We make sure that you choose appropriate name. it matters when users search the app store with the help of keywords.
  • Description: The description is of equal importance. It should include the main keywords, as it is the first thing that a user will come across even before using the app.
  • Category: The category in which your app will be published should be relevant to the business.  It allows users to identify your app in an effortless manner.
  • Organic Multiplier: From content creation, social media publications to landing pages, comments & reviews.  We have taken an account of every aspect in order to accelerate organic growth.


Hence, why invest thousands of dollars on a dedicated marketing program, when our fully-fledged ASO can do the trick.


Your app is ready for the launch in the app stores once we’ve prepared a well-thought optimization module. But, our work does not end here. We firmly believe that developing applications is an on-going process.  After development, each app will require the services of reliable experts at some point or the other, so app can be maintained and updated properly based on user’s needs. Thus, even after the final launch, our team observes the performance of the app, how things have turned out to be, and a response from the targeted audience and then brings in the necessary changes to witness remarkable results.

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Different Types of Apps to Consider


We create every genre of mobile application. Just name it and we’ll be there with the ultimate solution for your mobile app. Most mobile apps have huge chance of success if app is developed and marketed to their users properly. Based on Statista data 6 categories have over 90% reach, 11 categories have more than 75% reach, 16 categories have over 50% reach in USA as of October 2018.


Enterprise Solution


Our on-demand app development services assist start-ups and enterprises to expand swiftly and offer inimitable services to their customers transversely around all marketplaces, industries and businesses.


  • Bring business to the new age of mobile technology
  • Integrate the existing software
  • Mobilize various business processes




Let students indulge in an exciting process of mobile learning with the help of engaging apps for memory training, language learning, brain teasers and other exceptional learning products that impart knowledge efficiently.


  • Mobilize the different educational processes
  • Connect with the potential audiences
  • Educational games for a better learning experience




Rich and interactive game code stems from different thinkers and this should be updated in a timely manner. We empower gaming apps through fresh and new ways of thinking and provide an improvement which are not just comprehensive but at the same time uplift the value of your business.


  • Entertainment that connects with the audience
  • Virtual reality for an unforgettable gaming experience
  • Robust and multi-dimensional features




We bring in patient engagement mobile healthcare apps which are useful for patient care, data keeping, and reducing unwanted complexities. The introduction of the advanced mobile app also helps healthcare professionals with proper insights from the point of great care.


  • Hospitals can store crucial data associated with patients, causing better communication among the team
  • Doctors to assist patient and maintain electronic health records, resulting in efficient patient care
  • Pharmacy/Medical laboratories for connecting with patients and doctors, providing accurate results


It does not end here, we also cover music apps, social networking apps, health & fitness apps, on-demand apps, beauty apps, finance apps, video and photograph editing apps and many more.

Is Mobile App Development Service Expensive with professional companies?


Most of the people have a common misconception that mobile app development cost would be too much.  Especially, if you seek the help of a professional company. The reality, in fact, is far from that. By having a certified expert by your side, you can apparently save yourself from costly errors.  Most importantly build a strong app that would derive expected results, however the same can never be assured when you choose alternatives for the purpose.


The main reason behind this misconception is not being aware of what exactly affects the price of app development.  For instance, most business owners are not sure that there are many expert professionals working behind the scene to make app successful. There is a simple formula to get an approximate estimate for app development.  That is calculating the total number of hours for each step of development and multiplying that to the billable resources.


App Development Cost = (management/stretegy hours x hourly rate) + (UI/UX design hours x hourly rate) + (coding & development hours x hourly rate) + (QA testing hours x hourly rate)


In addition, there are other essential factors that measure up to the cost of app development.  Plug in your functionalities and select platform in Mobile App Quote Calculator, and get route estimate for your project.. To find out more, you can consult with a certified professional who specializes in the kind of app that you want to build, discuss the key requirements, and then take advantage of the quotes as it highlights the price of each and every service. To know more about how much it will cost to build your business app, take a look at app development cost.


What you need to realize here is that the demand for every project is not the same. For example, the price that you pay for a social networking app may not be the same compared to the charges of developing a fully-fledged gaming app. The model, spectrum of features and expertise needed are different, and so will be the expenses for developing them.


Professional Mobile App Development Company to Craft Brilliance Together


From concept to development, when you hire mobile app developer then you have a dedicated professional capable of covering the app development lifecycle, no matter how complex or diverse it might be. Your expectations will be fulfilled by our well-equipped team of experts who have extensive experience in mobile app solutions.


So, if you are searching for one of the top mobile app development company in Charlotte and need professional assistance for your project then reach out to us right away! We’ll help you craft an intuitive and robust mobile app that offers long-term results at great prices.