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Our website design and mobile app development professionals help you scale your business to the next level! Get a ‘Free’ custom mock-up for your website or app in just 7 days and if the outcome fails to match your expectations, then simply don’t pay or sign a contract with us!
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Value Proposition from Charlotte Website Design CompanyWe understand YOUR customers


Ami Web Solutions is a leading Charlotte website design and development company. As an industry leader in website design, digital marketing, app development and customer conversions, we pride ourselves on driving new website visitors, new real trackable conversions on Google Analytics and untimely providing highest ROI and value to each customers.


We offer a broad set of dedicated website design and development services to our clients.  Our data driven process ensures highest likelihood of success before we even begin.  To learn more, get in touch with us today to learn how we can make a difference in your business.

Digital solutions for All Devices

Average person uses 4 devices to search on internet in 2019. We no longer have an option to design website only for computers.  Our websites run seamlessly on various devices such as laptops, desktops, tablets and smart phones.  We have created innovative standards for website design and mobile app development across the country. As a leading Charlotte website design firm, we offer highly professional, quick and strategic website design and development services to match your business needs and expectations.

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Outsmart your competitors & Dominate your market – Data driven approach

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As one of the finest Charlotte Website Design Firm, we are always at the forefront of offering innovation.   We’re crazy about data, and therefor use many data analytics software to gain more insights about competition. Our process starts with data driven research that shows how your competitions are gaining new customers, what works for them and more importantly what does not.  So we don’t make same mistakes.  After this research, we create a customized plan to develop your project.


We offer efficient and reliable solutions to help automize various process for local businesses in expanding their online reach and visibility. In other words, we help you gain new customers and build trust among them.

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Define Customer Journey

Charlotte website design company defining customer journey


Each visitor comes to your website for unique reason.  You need to make sure you answer their questions. We learn about your customers, customer journey, analyze competition, business goals, brainstorm unique ideas and thought process.  This allows us to ensure highest possibility of success of your project.  When you partner with us, we define our success by achieving our client’s goals.


Put simply, we focus on extending customer delight and satisfaction.  Our web design and app development experts add a human touch to your existing web pages. Whether your business is located in Charlotte NC or surrounding areas, we can pay you a visit to assess and discuss your business needs.

Our Design Process  

Website Design Process StepsThrough years of experience, we have mastered our unique website designing process and mobile app development process.  It allows us to achieve highest likelihood of any project success most efficiently.  We understand that each business is unique and have different requirements.  So we tailor our process based on your project.


  • Transparent: We can communicate with you at each step of the development and keep you in loop.  So you know exactly what we’re doing at any given time.
  • Efficient: Our process allows us to save time as we keep you in loop.  If you don’t like something we have done, simply don’t approve it and we’ll make it right at the beginning.  This way end result is always prefect.
  • Cost Effective: With this process, we save lot of time not creating and deleting different modules.  This allows us to keep website design cost and app development cost affordable.

What our client says

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Best Charlotte Website Design Company 

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As the top Charlotte website design company, we offer a range of web and application development services.  We design websites help you to steer your business on the path of success. We have earned a distinct identity and space in the field of custom website design and app development.  Our knowledge and experience enables us to offer personalized web design services to our clients from varied walks of life.


Websites we build are secure, efficient, high performing and scalable while being cost efficient.  It helps local companies and startup businesses in strengthening their online presence and gaining more customers. We help you create websites that are perfect blend of fresh designs, concepts, and above all, a great user experience!

Top iOS and Android Mobile App Development Company in Charlotte

Mobile App Development Company showing App ExampleOur mobile apps help you gain secure, feature-rich, scalable and high performing applications for your business.  We are a leading iOS and Android Mobile App Development Company in Charlotte, NC.  We rely on cutting-edge technology to deliver powerful, robust and industry leading apps.


Our goal is to ensure that the app we develop for your business meets and exceeds your business goals and requirements.  Our mobile apps help you to target customers, provide them with prompt and efficient services, allowing your business to grow.


As a leading Charlotte website design and mobile app development company, we’re 100% sure that you’ll like our work.  Thats why we offer free consultation and free mock up for all new projects.  We’re happy to meet you anywhere in Charlotte or surrounding area to discuss your app development project.